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Equality, Diversity and Human Rights

Equality is a key area of our work at Loretto and we are committed to providing high quality person centred services to all who need them, reflecting and responding to the diversity of the communities we serve.

We treat everyone who works with or for Loretto, and those who use our services with dignity, equality, respect, fairness and autonomy. We challenge discrimination wherever it arises and foster an environment in which everyone is valued equally and supported to participate with confidence.

We promote equality and human rights in all that we do and through the work we do in partnership with others.

Loretto has outlined our commitment to equality within our overarching Equality and Diversity Policy. The policy covers our service delivery and employment as well as the functions that support our organisation. If you would like to read a copy of the policy please contact:
Glenn Harrold - Care Initiatives Manager glennh@lorettoha.co.uk

Loretto and the public equality duties

There is a statutory public duty which applies to public authorities to promote equality for race, gender and disability.

As Loretto are commissioned to provide our services by different public authorities - mostly from local government - we regard the public equality duties as very much part of our business.

We evaluate our duties, policies and strategies under the equality and human rights legislation and define them under the following areas: the race equality duty, the gender equality duty, the disability equality duty and the new public duty which will include the strands of age, religion or belief and sexual orientation.

Loretto and Human Rights

Bringing equality and diversity together with human rights in our policies, practices and strategy, has provided us with a sound ethos to underpin our work.

Whilst we recognise the equality issues which uniquely affect the groups protected by law against discrimination, we find that an approach led by the human rights principles of dignity, equality, respect, fairness and autonomy works well for us and complements our overarching person centred approach.

This helps us to focus on the actual needs of an individual rather than their perceived needs as a member of a particular group.

These principles run through many aspects of our work already and are reflected in areas of our work such as policies and our service standards.

Equality and Human Rights

One of the most effective ways of making a difference for our staff and individuals who use our services is by making sure that we factor equality and human rights into our policies and service design from the start.

We have a working environment for staff where we treat each other with dignity, equality, respect, fairness and autonomy, and where we value diversity.

The organisation has an in-house trainer who delivers the SCSWIS and SHRC course "Care about Rights".




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