Loretto Housing Association

The way we let our homes

We introduced a new way of allocating our homes back in April, 2015.

Home Finder is more open and easier to use.

Instead of the traditional points-based system, customers are placed into groups depending on their circumstances and given priority according to their needs.

You'll need to register with us and then note an interest in properties available.

You will be able to also note an interest in homes belonging to our partner organisations GHA, Cube and West Lothian Housing Partnership.

The system aims to give customers more of a say in where they live. We’ll also give you as much advice as we can while you’re looking for a home.  

If using the website is not suitable for you, or you need some assistance,  you can call our customer service centre 24/7 on 0141 420 7950. 

If you'd like to to discuss face to face, you can visit our office at 170 Crown Street, Glasgow, G5 9XD and we'll be happy to help you.


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