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We know it’s hard finding enough money to go round, but don’t be tempted to skip a rent payment.

We offer a range of support services which will help you manage your money, making it easier for you to Put Rent First.

If you feel like you are struggling we can help, but you need to talk to us.

Many customers find that direct debit is the easiest way to pay their rent.

You can now set up a direct debit for any day of the month. To set up a direct debit give us a call on 0141 420 7950.

You can also pay your rent online using our online self-services.

Other ways to pay:

  • by phone - call us on 0141 420 7950
  • by Standing Order
  • at the Post Office or by post
  • in person
  • by PayPoint
  • by Housing Benefit.


We can offer support to help you manage your rent payments, even if you’re already in debt – but you need to talk to us. Talk to your housing officer today.

Staff can:

Help with repayments

Get you back on track with a repayment plan you can afford.

Help with money

Money advisors can get you on top of debt and help you budget.

Help with benefits and Universal Credit

Welfare benefits advisors can make sure you get every penny you are entitled to, help you with Universal Credit and advise you on what to do if your benefit money has been cut.

Help with fuel bills

Fuel advisors can cut your fuel bills, get you on the cheapest tariffs and arrange low-cost payment plans.

We have lots of other services available to tenants, from help for single parents to furniture to make your house a home. Ask your housing officer today for more information.

Call us freephone on 0141 420 7950. We're here all day, every day to help.


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