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Loretto Housing Association – Governance and Management Board

Loretto Housing Assocation is controlled by its members of which there are currently 251. All adults in Scotland are eligible to join. 

The Rules of the Association lay out the basics of how we are governed. They were were last reviewed in 2014 and we have adopted the Scottish Federation of Housing Associations' model rules.

Each member is issued with a £1 share. This entitles members to stand for election to the Management Board and to attend and vote at the Annual General Meeting and any other General Meetings.

Loretto Housing Management Board

The Board of Loretto Housing is responsible for setting our strategic direction. The Board is composed of up to 15 members, including up to four individuals who are tenants and a parent appointee. The Board can also co-opt individuals with suitable skills and experience.

Board members come from a wide variety of backgrounds. Four places are reserved for tenants of Loretto Housing. Board members are all unpaid volunteers. The board meet at least nine times per annum. Members are recruited via adverts in the national press or via newsletters to tenants. Current membership is shown below:

The current membership is shown below:

Douglas Robin: Chairperson

Bill O’Neil: Director

Alex Robertson: Director

Alex Mackay: Director

Eric Gibson: Director

Gordon Findlay: Co-opted Director

Allan McGinness: Director 

The Board is also supported by Company Secretary, Anthony Allison.                                                

The Management Board elects a Chairperson from within the Board. All Board Members have been elected. 

Members of the Board are issued with a role description. The Chair has additional responsibilities which are also defined.  These were last reviewed in 2011. Loretto is committed to open and transparent governance.

We are currently looking for one new board member.  To find out more click here

If you are interested in joining the Board please contact:

Vikki Lennon 
Admin Support Lead / P.A. to Cathy Fallon
Email: vikkil@lorettoha.co.uk
Tel: 0141 274 7966 / 8053

For more information about the governance of Loretto's parent company, Wheatley Group, and its Executive Team and Board, please click here.


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