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Loretto is committed to providing excellent housing and social care services. That means we ensure services stay responsive, fair and deliver the outcomes people need to live in quality homes or support to lead the lives they choose as independently and safely as possible. It also means we will work to improve our services by monitoring the quality of our work and by giving people a say in how their services are provided.

Quality Services are vital for the continued success of the Organisation to ensure maximum stakeholder satisfaction and the process of continual improvement is pivotal to Loretto’s delivery of quality services.

Customer Focus

Customer satisfaction is a key organisational objective.

Customer Satisfaction is a key factor to improving our services, retaining existing services as well as expanding and developing new services.

Customer focus applies to both external and internal customers. External Customers can be tenants, service users, local authorities who purchase services or  partnership agencies. Internal Customers can be our colleagues, other departments or other teams within the Organisation.

For us to work towards and achieve, service excellence and quality will require commitment from everyone.

Although Quality depends on each one of us as an individual, teamwork and being able to rely on the support of others is vital to improvement and providing high quality services.

Loretto will strive to deliver consistently high quality services, which meet or exceed the needs and expectations of all stakeholders. In order to achieve this we will:

  • Expect all staff to take responsibility for ensuring that excellent services are delivered to stakeholders within the given resources
  • Be proactive in preventing problems and achieving continuous improvement and service development rather than detecting and correcting problems after they occur
  • Apply the principles of quality and continual improvement to all areas of work
  • Develop and communicate clear, achievable, accountable Performance Management Indicators and Quality Standards for all activities, ensuring these are systematically reviewed
  • Regularly review service performance against targets and standards
  • Adhere to the Organisations Policies, Procedures, Codes of Practice and Terms and Conditions of Employment
  • Involve and consult stakeholders in evaluating service quality and areas for change, improvement or development
  • Monitor stakeholder satisfaction at individual, service and organisational level
  • Manage high quality, cost effective services to produce best value for all stakeholders and the Organisation
  • Work within recommended Housing Regulator and Care Inspectorate Standards, Contract Frameworks and Best Practices
  • Devise Annual Improvement Plans and share best practices
  • Promote training and information relating to quality and continual improvement to all staff.


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