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Employee Development

At Loretto we recognise that our employees are our biggest resource. We strive to ensure that we have a committed, highly skilled and motivated workforce, to help individuals, teams and the organisation excel in providing high quality support to the people we work for.

We have a dedicated in-house Learning and Development team who provide a high quality, needs led service to enhance, develop and improve practices. We provide extensive induction and developmental training programmes that provide each individual with the knowledge and skills needed to do the job and in turn provide a high quality service.

Each employee is provided with the core training required for their post together with any specialist training which may be needed to meet the support needs of those we work for.

We co-ordinate and deliver training from our purpose built training rooms at our Head Office in Glasgow, at a number of our remote sites or through e-learning. Training courses are linked to service needs, relevant occupational standards and accelerated learning techniques. On-site training is provided at a local level by Training Officers and Managers, who are experienced practitioners with expertise in particular areas.

On the job coaching, experiential learning and reflective practice is also promoted and is felt to be key in ensuring individuals are confident and competent in their day to day work. Support and supervision, mentoring and on site support is used to achieve best outcomes for individuals.

Providing learning opportunities for personal development is also high on our agenda, allowing many individuals to gain promotion within the organisation or to obtain personal goals either through our training, bursary or specialism schemes.

In line with the requirements of the Scottish Social Services Council and recommendations from the Changing Lives 21st Century Review we are also committed to achieving a fully qualified registered workforce. Plans are in place to ensure that everyone has an opportunity to gain a relevant qualification appropriate for their post by the required date.


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