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Health and Safety

Loretto is committed to providing high quality services to a range of stakeholders, however this cannot happen effectively unless we look after the health, safety and wellbeing of our most important asset – our staff.

We have a comprehensive Health and Safety Manual as a guide to the management and implementation of health and safety systems across the organisation and supports staff with policies and procedures relating to health and safety.

Health and Safety is everyone's responsibility.

Every employee has a legal and moral responsibility to protect themselves and others. It is vital that together we take all reasonable steps to protect the health and well-being of ourselves, our colleagues, our service users and anyone affected by our activities.

Loretto have a named Health and Safety Coordinator and a Staff Health and Safety Committee who aim to provide the organisation with procedures that are effective, regularly reviewed, and to form a framework in that we can reduce the health and safety risks to staff and other stakeholders.

For more information contact Glenn Harrold, Health and Safety Coordinator on 0141 420 7950 glennh@lorettoha.co.uk

Healthy Working Lives

Loretto are committed to the safety, health and wellbeing of all employees whilst at work and effective employee welfare is an integral part of our culture and its development. We currently hold the Bronze, Silver, Gold and Mental Health Commendation Awards from Scotland's Healthy Working Lives Awards.

We have devised a three year strategy and action plan for safety, health and wellbeing, based on our identified needs and priorities.

Loretto recognises that although it is healthy for people to experience challenges in their working and personal lives, these challenges may cause levels of pressure that can potentially have a negative impact on both performance and health of staff.

Positive, mentally and physically healthy staff are essential to the successful running of the organisation, and as such we are committed to improving the quality of the environment for all our staff.

Loretto has been involved with Healthy Working Lives Award Scheme for many years and have established two specific groups to lead and promote the strategy within the organisation, namely:

  • Health and Safety Staff Committee
  • Healthy Working Lives Steering Group

These groups, alongside dedicated Human Resources Staff and Line Managers, are committed to identifying and providing solutions to the organisation's needs in relation to Safety, Health and Wellbeing.

The remit and responsibilities of both groups, and all employees are outlined within the current Health and Safety Manual.

The organisation has grown considerably over the last 10 years and has also recently restructured as a result of reduced local authority funding, however we have endeavoured to retain a focus on safety, health and wellbeing of the workforce.

Healthy Working Lives has enabled us to indentify areas that require addressed and maintained, to ensure that we continue to deliver a comprehensive, inclusive service to all staff.

For more information on Scotland's Healthy Working Lives Awards http://www.healthyworkinglives.com

Happy Healthy Workplace Finalists 2010 and 2011

Loretto Housing Association and Loretto Care have twice reached the final three of the Glasgow Business Awards for Happy, Healthy Workplace.

The Happy, Healthy Workplace Award recognises "Good businesses who know the value of their key assets – their employees. Employers who promote health and wellbeing in the workplace have healthier, happier and more motivated staff … which in turn leads to improved productivity. This award recognises those enlightened employers who go that extra mile to make their working environments more vibrant, supportive and healthy."

For more information http://www.glasgowbusinessawards.org/index.html


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